God is a Better Manifester than I

grandcanyon700Yesterday I posted my first post about the popular topic of “manifesting.”  I stated it’s not something I think a lot about, but I guess to correct myself I’ll modify that to say that it is something I have been witnessing quite a bit lately.

My one secret to manifesting (if it is even possible to have secrets about something that is a natural function for all human beings), is to not focus on it too much.  Many many years ago I had a friend tell me “I just focus on God and I find that God takes care of the rest.”  I have found this to be true.   If I can just stay in a state of gratitude, focus on being happy and giving as much love to the world as I can and loving God with all my heart, manifesting takes care of itself.

main-bgGod is a much better manifester than I will ever be – just look at the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest or Koh Pipi!  I find that if I just focus on being grateful to God for all the amazing blessings I have been given in my life, God keeps giving me blessings – and God knows what is best for me much better than I do.

A few months ago I was in the midst of a huge life transition.  I had left the path I had been on and I was asking God, what next?  I wasn’t trying to figure it out from my own mind.  I wasn’t trying to manifest the best future I could come up with.  I was praying for God to show me.  I was asking God where do You want me to go?  And this is the incredibly true (and somewhat long) story of how God manifested everything perfectly for me.

I had been staying with my sisters, alternating between their two houses, asking and remaining open to what was next for me.  One evening I was sitting on the couch with my sister Charlotte after we had tucked her children into bed and I remembered this neat little town of St Augustine that was just a couple of hours away.  When I tuned into the feeling of it, I felt excited, so I decided to go there the next day.  I drove up and checked into a hotel, the best deal I could find on the internet. I walked around the downtown and walked by the fort and I was overcome with a feeling of peace, a deep calmness in my being and it felt good.6a00d8341d171f53ef00e54fb149888834-800wi

The next morning I woke up and across the street from my hotel there was a Wednesday morning farmer’s market.  Delighted, I walked over.  The first booth I came upon was Bob’s books.  The lady there had written two children’s books about God, which I bought for my nieces and nephews, and we talked about the honoring of all religions and the importance of compassion and peace in our world.  I didn’t realize it until months later, but this woman is the founder of Unity & Peace, the non-profit organization that I am now the chairperson of.  She was the very first person I met in St Augustine and it was an answer to both of our prayers – she had been praying for someone to continue the work of Unity & Peace and I was praying for my next assignment.

So – even though I didn’t know it yet – I had my purpose for moving to St Augustine.  What about housing?

Later in the afternoon I was driving around looking at different areas of the town.  I was driving down Marine Street and out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign on the side of a house that said “St Francis Room.”  I LOVE St Francis, he is one of my very best friends, so I pulled over and parked in front of this house to find out what made it a St Francis room.  It turns out it was just a name for a rental room because nearby is St Francis street.  Disappointed that it did not contain a holy shrine to my favorite little saint, I was about to get back in my car.

A pedestrian walking down the street approached me and inquired, “Are you looking for a rental?” I told her “well, I’m thinking about moving into town but I haven’t decided yet.”  I thought perhaps this woman was a landlord or a rental manager, but it turns out she was neither.  She just came up to talk to me because she thought she might be helpful.  She had just found her rental and knew the in’s and out’s of finding a good one in St Augustine.  She told me she was writing a series of books inspired by the Archangel Gabriel and we spoke of spiritual things.  Then we exchanged contact info and I was again on my way.

shrineI continued to pray and be open to receive the answer – was this to be my next place on earth?  As I carried on my exploration I went to the shrine at Nombre de Dios – the “Name of God” mission, which I found interesting because I love chanting the name of God so much (though the Catholic church who built and maintains this shrine might not agree with the exact names I sometimes use).  As I walked up to Our Lady of La Leche shrine, the teeny stone chapel covered in ivy, I spontaneously burst into tears.  The simple holiness, the healing energy of Divine Mother, the peace of St Francis, the sweet serenity of devotion – these were all the things my soul craved and here God was giving them to me with a big bonus dose of Grace.

I called my new friend and said “OK, I’m moving here and I want to live next the shrine.”  She said to me “Oh, well just two days ago I met the person who lives right next to the shrine” – as in literally the very first house next to the shrine.  I asked her if she would go and ask if they had a garage apartment for rent or something and she thought I was a little weird but she, being a little weird as well, agreed.  Given that she didn’t actually have a phone number or email for these people, she walked over to the house beside the shrine.  As she walked up, the people were just heading out of their driveway.  My new friend told them she had met someone who wanted to move to St Augustine and wanted to live next to the shrine – did they happen to have a garage apartment?  They said no and then they drove off.  So, was that it?  No, a minute later they came driving back and said they didn’t have a garage apartment to rent, but they did have a rental house just a couple of blocks away in the neighborhood across the street from the shrine.

My new friend called me and gave me the address.  The owners couldn’t meet me for a couple of days but I could go by and take a look from the outsi2014-01-24 15.23.18de.  I went over immediately.  The house was a cute pink little concrete square and there was a gate into the enclosed back yard, so I entered.  It was a little bit neglected and overgrown, but sweet with a beautiful canopy of trees overhead.  Over in the corner there was a lump of concrete amidst some ferns.  It looked like something had fallen over.  I went over and lifted it straight and all of a sudden found myself holding St Francis’s hand.  I once again had tears rolling down my face as I could feel him leading me into my new home.  This is where God wanted me to be – could it be any more obvious?

A couple of days later I met my new landlords – a very sweet Catholic couple who love the shrine and who love God with deep sincerity.  They had meant to put the house up on Craigs list but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  The previous tenants include a seminarian and several groups of novitiates and nuns visiting the shrine on pilgrimage.  I could not have dreamed up a more perfect little holy abode for my next home.

The one thing that perplexed me was the size.  It was huge, especially for one person.  It is essentially a 3 bedroom house with an additional office space.  In my last living situation I had been through 15 years of community living and I really felt like I needed my own space – my own little nest to make into my own little home.  I felt it was an emotional necessity.  So I had been picturing 1 bedroom apartments or a small little studio.  Why was God laying this huge house in my lap?

So, I prayed about that and asked God – why is this house so big?  And within a day I realized that God knows me much better than I know myself.  I only needed my own space for the first 2 or 3 months, just to make it my own and have the privacy for my own healing process.  But when I contemplated the long term, I didn’t want to live alone.  So, God took care of that for me, too.

I didn’t want to post something on line and have a bunch of strangers to contend with – I was feeling pretty vulnerable.  So, I told my new friend from church that I was looking for a room mate.  She said she knew a friend who might need a place.  Meanwhile, that friend, an entrepreneur and business owner, was talking to her employee about her moving up to St Augustine to be a more active part of the business.  The entrepreneur said she would pray about finding the right place for the employee to live and went straight into her daily Agnihotra ritual.  After her fire and prayers she got back to her computer and had received the email from my new friend from church asking if she knew anyone who needed a place to live.  And voila, my perfect room mate was found.  So, 4 months after moving in – in fact just one week after I started feeling like I didn’t want to be alone anymore – my new room mate moved in, and she is the sweetest most harmonious house mate I can imagine.

p550098514-3I could never manifest or orchestrate all these things on my own!  I could never even come up with knowing what to ask for as perfectly as God has given me all the wonderful parts of my new life.  All I had to do was to pray with sincerity, stay in a state of trust and gratitude and be open to receive.  And God can manifest a much better and more beautiful life than anything I can dream up.



World Peace is the Bee’s Knees!

peace-dove-web_1Tonight is the eve of the most anticipated Peace Weekend in my 42 year history, well, for me personally at least.  Tomorrow morning I’m waking up early to go set up a World Peace Meditation tent at Peace in the Park in Hastings and I was so excited last night that I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am.  Sunday is the International Day of Peace which feels like Christmas to me – and it is, isn’t it?  Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.  At 3pm we are gathering in front of the Lightner Museum in historic St Augustine to meditate for World Peace simultaneously with over over 100,000 people around the globe.  It is all I can think about.  I feel like a teenage girl in the 60’s going to a Beatles concert.  Peace is what makes my heart go pitter patter.

15 years ago when I had followed my spiritual path out to California and I felt I had outgrown my birth name, I chose the name Shanti.  It means Peace.

9 months ago when I was leaving California and looking for my next home on earth I drove here to St Augustine one evening thinking I would tune in to see if it felt right.  I checked in at my hotel and woke up the next morning with an open mind and lo and behold, across the street is the local Farmer’s Market.  I walk over and walk straight up to a booth and the first person in St. Augustine that I talk to is a very nice lady, and though I didn’t know it at the time, she happens to have a local non-profit called Unity & Peace.

Many more wondrous things happened on that first day in St Augustine, which I won’t go into now, but when I was driving out of town on my way back to my sister’s house I started day dreaming about starting an Inner Peace Outer Peace website and putting together a Peace in the Park day.  My heart was soaring as I dreamed up ways that I could share my passion for Inner Peace and my deep belief that it is what will truly bring us Outer Peace.

A couple of months later when I have moved in to my little miracle house I go to my first meeting of Compassionate St Augustine and come to find out – there is already a Peace in the Park day in the works.  And when I have lunch with one of the organizers to find out more we discover that she is the nice lady from the Farmer’s Market who was the very first person I spoke to in town.  And Unity & Peace needs someone to redo their website.  Wow.

Did I start day dreaming about making a peace website and putting together a Peace in the Park because I met this nice lady and I picked up the thoughts subconsciously from her without speaking?  Or did I already have the seeds of those dreams in my heart and that is what led me directly to her table at the Farmer’s Market?

I don’t know.  It’s too much to think about.  But this is how Peace is following me around.  Or maybe I am following where Peace leads me.  I’m not sure which.  Maybe both.  But when I hear that there is more scientific evidence that Peace Meditation lessens was and violence than there is that aspirin lessens headache pain – I get excited.  So excited that I can hardly sleep.  I want to make some Peace already.

So, as I continue on my path to embody my name, I invite you all to join me from wherever you are – and I say:  World Peace is the Bee’s Knees.  Om Shanti.  I Am Peace.


Global Meditatiounify_primary_logo_highres-300x300n & Prayer for Peace

International Day of Peace ~  Sunday, Sept. 21st 3:00pm

In front of Lightner Museum / City Hall

Join Unity & Peace in St. Augustine!  Or to join from anywhere in the world – go to Unify.org to sign up!


578184_116881885111161_958111558_nNew Page: MEDITATION & WORLD PEACE

I have always known intuitively in my heart that our prayers matters, that the quality of the energy we put out into the world makes a difference and that World Peace is about a shift in consciousness.  And when I read and hear about the scientific research that is proving this again and again I get very excited.  Let’s go!  Wow!  If group meditation can literally save lives – which is shown in several studies published in peer-reviewed publications – then let’s do something.  And if the energy, thoughts and emotions I am “feeding the field” each day with my own mind and heart impacts life all around me, I can do something about that, too.

In the videos below it’s explained that there have been so many studies done on how Group Meditation or Feeling Prayer creates Peace that it’s a scientific fact.  There is more scientific evidence that Group meditation lessens war, terrorism and violent crime than there is that Aspirin lessens headache pain.  They have even been able to mathematically calculate the number of people needed to start having a measurable impact of Peace on the surrounding area – it is the square root of 1% of the population.  For a city of 1 million people, that is about 100 people meditating for peace to create a measurable decline in violent crime.  And of course, the more the merrier.  As they found in the Washington D.C. study, as the meditators increased in number, the violence decreased even more.

When you apply this math to World Peace, with a population of 6 billion people, the square root of 1% is only about 8,000 people.  Think about that.  It only takes 8,000 you’s and me’s to start to have an impact of Peace on a world scale.  That is exciting.  That is inspiring.  That is hopeful.  That is Peace on Earth.  That is real science.