Manifesting: You Only Need One

concept, money tree on grassI don’t think a whole lot about “manifesting.”  It might be because I have gone to too many new age type “spiritual” gatherings only to find an imbalance of focus – not so much on love, compassion or God and a bit too much on “manifesting abundance” for ourselves.  But I have had a few realizations in the last few months and I will share them over the next few days as part of my NaBloPoMo daily postings.

One realization is that you only need one of whatever it is you are looking for, for the most part (except for shoes).

My house mate is currently in the process of looking for a job and the other day someone was saying to her that St Augustine is such a small town that there just aren’t many jobs, there isn’t a huge job market like there is in a big city like Jacksonville.  But in thinking about that I told her – just remember that you only need one job.  You don’t need there to be a huge job market, you don’t need lots and lots of jobs, you only need the one job that is right for you.

That evening, in order to drive this point home, the universe continued to demonstrate this for us in the form of parking spots.

Parking in downtown St Augustine is notoriously scarce – the nations oldest city was built before there were automobiles so parking was not an issue considered by the city planners back then.  Downtown St Augustine on Halloween is notoriously busy – busier than almost any other evening of the year with costumed people meandering about like the whole downtown is one big block party.  Yet, when we drove into town with our friends we said “we only need one parking spot” and lo and behold, that one car was leaving and giving us that one parking spot just as we drove into the plaza.

Our next stop was the Ice Plant, another business notorious for their small parking lot, and right in front of the main entrance there was that one spot just waiting for us.

An hour later we again ventured back to the downtown where there were pedestrian traffic jams in certain areas and again, that one parking space just a block away from our destination.funny-tiny-car-parking

The next day we drove up to Trader Joe’s and it was packed – as we drove into the parking lot my room-mate pointed out the cars that had illegally parked in the grass on the side of the building because it was so full – but as we pulled up there was that one parking spot exactly in front of the automatic sliding doors.

At this point we were both amazed.

I found this to be true in my own job search a few months ago.  I was told by several people how hard it is to find a job in this town: new friends I just met, some lady petting my dog and a waitress where I was having lunch.  I thought to myself – well, I know I was guided to move here and so there must be the right job for me. I didn’t want to buy into any kind of limited thinking.  I was too busy being grateful for this new life I was creating for myself in this new town I loved to have time for fear or worry.

I looked at the on-line job postings and there wasn’t much that seemed exciting to me.  But instead of being discouraged, I just looked on-line for the businesses or companies in town I’d like to work for and I made a list.  I stopped by to introduce myself and drop off my resume whether they were hiring or not.  One holistic healing clinic I went into said – “oh, you’re the first response to our ad.” Apparently they had just posted a job opening that morning.  Another business wasn’t really hiring but they liked my resume so much they started trying to create a position for me – but then I got a call from the local college, the first choice on my list, asking if I’d like to take a temporary job for two months while someone went out on medical leave.

So – I started at the college thinking that this “boring” temporary position would lead me to a permanent job in a more “interesting” department within the college.  Maybe I could infiltrate the Religion and Philosophy department.  Maybe I could work with college events or the literary journal or the art museum… I just kept moving forward, knowing that of course God had something good in store for me – after all, He had given me my first choice of employer within a couple of weeks of me looking.

It turns out my permanent job is actually the “boring”  position that I started out in, and it’s perfect.  It is not a job I would have sought, it’s not one I would have gotten excited about applying for if it had been posted – but it is the perfect job for me.  I have zero stress, I have evenings and weekends to spend time with my nieces and nephews, to blog and to focus on Unity & Peace.  In short – it is the perfect job to give me the most amount of time and emotional energy to focus on what matters to me most in life.  And God knew that.  I didn’t.  And I didn’t need St Augustine to have a huge booming job market, I only needed the one perfect job for me.

woman-field-sun_0Some of my friends and acquaintances in town are amazed at how quickly I found such a good job in this little town.  The same is true for how easily I found such a nice place to live (“It’s so hard to find housing in the downtown area, things go so fast.”), which is the topic of tomorrow’s post (yes, it’s a link to the future! Actually, it won’t work until tomorrow).  And I’ve heard the same thing on many other topics – “it’s so hard to meet a good man in this town, there are so many more cool spiritual women than there are men,” but I really am not a polygamist and I don’t need lots of cool men, just one.  “It’s too hard to find a meeting place for peace meditations in the downtown area, it’s so expensive and restrictive,” but when I called the city the very helpful woman told me the beautiful grassy fountain area in front of City Hall is free speech space and is not only available but free.  “It’s so hard to find a good room-mate, there are so many college students who are flaky and unreliable,” but I am not living with so many college students, I only need one room-mate and God found me the perfect one.

So no matter what limitations are presented to me as just “how it is” – my answer is, I only need one.