NaBloPoMo ~ What I Got with the Go-For-It Rule

14762-TypewriterFour score weeks and 30 posts ago, I first heard of NaBloPoMo – the month of November when thousands of bloggers make a commitment to post something every day to get into the habit of daily blogging, to build momentum and readership, to learn from each other and to become actual legitimate bonafide bloggers.  I was hesitant at first because, after the last 3 or 4 years of my life I have developed a severe allergy to stress and, being very grateful for the chance to turn over a new leaf, I have been very careful to not add stress to my new life.  However, I had been praying for my next purpose.

With NaBloPoMo I felt like God was saying, your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become an actual legitimate bonafide blogger.  So, I accepted.  I applied the Go-For-It Rule of diving in, embracing the challenge of posting every day, accepting my next mission not with stress and ‘oh my God, how can I post every day’ but with joy and ‘wow, God, I get to post every day.’

And I am so thankful I said yes!

Having the experience of writing every day, editing and polishing, contemplating and adding to, waking up with 3 ideas for posts and generally having my blog become a part of me, I can genuinely say that I love being a writer.  It fits.  I feels like me.

When I am writing I just feel alive, totally engaged, fully present in the moment and aligned with All That Is.  I feel at peace inside.  For a long time I have thought about writing, I have written a little bit here and there, I have dreamed about my life as a writer.  The most amazing gift of this experience is discovering that I AM a writer.  Not in a dream, in real life.  And all I had to do was say yes.

2014-01-11 16.37.19I know it’s not all that I am, I know that what we do doesn’t define us and we all contain multitudes.  I know that in essence we are not writers or plumbers or artists or teachers or engineers – we are just love.  However, the expression of love that feels most like my skin in this world at this moment is that of a writer.

I am a writer.  There, I said it.  Yes, I might also be an administrative assistant.  Yes, I might also be a sister and a daughter and an auntie.  I might also be a mama to my little Peachy. I might also be a Peace activist. And I am first and foremost a lover of God.  And all of these aspects tie into my experience and my expression as a writer.

I also have a confession to make to all my fellow NaBloPoMo’ers.  I was not stressed at all.  I had fun.  There was only one day where I had frustration with my post and it was because after I had finished writing and was adding pictures the wordpress website glitched and I lost it all and had to write it all over again.  I had an abundance of topics and inspiration, in fact I have 34 more ideas saved as drafts.  I would be so excited some evenings I would write 2 posts.  One day I wrote 3 posts, so then I got to take the weekend off.  As I read all the comments and posts about the struggle of NaBloPoMo and how challenging it was, I almost felt bad for having so much fun.

Sophie & Isabel grabbing Sn's legsSo – here in the last post of the month I am going to address my first NaBloPoMo prompt.  One of the prompts was asking have you found your blog’s voice?  I actually did think about that on and off all month.  My blog’s voice is simply my voice.  However serious or silly I am, however devotional or contemplative, however reverent or irreverent, however nerdy or quirky, however awe-struck or amazed I am – so is my blog.  I really don’t want to try to shape it any other way.  I don’t want to do anything except be myself and be a writer.  For me it hasn’t been so much finding the voice of my blog.  It is more that blogging has helped me find my voice.

Thank you!  And Thank You!

Master Peachy – Wise Dog of God

Peachy runningMy little Peachy doesn’t just add an immeasurable amount of love and healing into my life and into the world (being the Light Warrior that she is), she also has a lot to teach me if I pay attention.

Peachy has no limited thinking.  She fully believes that she can catch that squirrel, that lizard or even that bird that is flying 20 feet up in the air.  She walks through life, and through the park, without any self-imposed limitations that encumbers her with self-doubt, second guessing or hesitation.

Peachy goes all in.  When she sees that squirrel, that lizard or that bird she holds nothing back – she commits herself fully, running with all the strength and speed her four little legs can muster.  She is focused on her singular goal – catch the squirrel.  She has no distractions, no day dreams, no worries about the future, no grumbles about the past – she is fully in the moment and fully engaged in catching that squirrel.

Peachy has no disappointment or regret.  Once the squirrel has disappeared up the tree, as it always does, she moves on.  She does not beat herself up or get angry at either herself or the squirrel or the world for the outcome – she let’s go and smells the next bush.

Peachy does not hang onto the past.  The very next squirrel she sees she runs after with every bit of fervor and belief in her abilities as all the previous squirrels that she did not catch.

Peachy does not let herself be defined by societal standards of size or strength.  Just because she weighs 7 pounds and is a little fluff ball of a lap dog does not keep her from speaking her mind and telling those two 120 pound Rottweilers a thing or two.

Peachy w stickPeachy is efficient and uses resources to their fullest.  If you have stopped petting her and your hands are just laying idly in your lap, wasting time doing nothing at all, she will place her little nose under your hand and nudge it upwards over her head, essentially petting herself.

Peachy is content with simple things.  She doesn’t focus on what she doesn’t have, she doesn’t have desire for new and shiny toys.  She plays with the same old bunny, the hand-me-down from her cousin Pixie, the one who has had it’s ears sewn back on numerous times.  I bought her many other shiny flashy toys because I still have desires for new things, but she’s happy with the one that smells really good (to her) and has dirt all over it.

Peachy finds happiness in every day things.  She does not get bored or negative.  Every single time I pick up the leash she gets so excited she jumps up and down, she runs back and forth, she runs in circles – she never says “really?  another walk?  can’t we do something else for a change?”  Going for a walk is the most exciting and glorious thing that could ever happen to her, every time it happens.

Peachy doesn’t take anything or anyone for granted.  She maintains her relationships with a steady consistent show of appreciation.  Every time I come home she is just as happy to see me.  Even though I come home at least once if not twice every day and I have come home approximately 488 times since I got her – every time she wags her tail, runs around my legs and jumps up and down to greet me.

Peachy fulfills her mission of bringing love to the world effortlessly.  She does not work hard or try hard to be a good person – she just is (and yes, she is a person, a wonderful little dog person).  She doesn’t have to effort or struggle or go through a whole process to do the right thing.  There is no decision to make – she just IS love.  She makes the world a better place just by being who she is.

Peachy is a little Buddha, a wise one, a Dog of God.

Peachy meditation

The Go-For-It Rule & NaBloPoMo

old-typewriter I have decided to go for it.

When I first started my blog a few months ago I did so for fun, because I kept having ideas I wanted to write about and I love writing.  I didn’t want to have any pressure or any have to’s.  The last 10 years of my life were way more than “busy” and the last 3 or 4 years were so stressful I was sleep deprived and nearly off my rocker – so I have been very careful not to create any stress or pressure in my new life.  I created my blog without any deadlines or self-created expectations.  I took my time to create my pages on Outer Action and Inner Action and posted something every couple of weeks whenever I felt like it.  And it’s been great.

A few days ago I got an email saying that NaBloPoMo is here!  What is here?  That’s what I said.  Apparently, November is National Blog Posting Month – according to the founder, Eden Kennedy,  it is a communal blogging challenge, a community of writers and bloggers who inspire and support one another. Thousands of bloggers make a commitment to posting something every day to get into the habit of daily blogging, to build momentum and readership, to share in a common experience, to learn from each other and to become actual legitimate bonafide bloggers.

I was indecisive for a few days.  This seems to go against my no-pressure rule.  But there is also the Go-for-it rule.  That means when you do something, put your whole self into it.  Whatever you are doing – be fully present, fully engaged and fully sincere about doing it.  If you are going to pray, pray with your whole heart and soul and every drop of feeling in you.  If you are going to meditate, give it your full attention, your full intention and all of your loving awareness.  If you are going to write, truly and deeply listen to what your inner self wants to say to the outer world and go for it. That is why last year when for the first time ever I watched American Idol, even though I was slightly embarrassed about it and never admitted it publicly before, I voted. I figured, if I was going to spend two evenings a week glued to the TV texting my sister back and forth with running commentary, I should go all in and vote.

Blogging and writing is something I WANT to do, it’s something that I enjoy, something that I love doing.  I want to practice, to learn, to grow and to become better and better at expressing the inner life that I experience on my path through this world.  I am excited and grateful to share my self through words.    Typewriter-645x250

So, I am committing to NaBloPoMo!  I am going to post something every day for the month of November!  I am committing to making something that I thoroughly enjoy a part of my every day life, and to grow and expand my horizons in the process.  And I do so not with pressure or have to’s – but with joy and want to’s.  So, let’s go for it!