Peachy Keen, Light Warrior

image(1)Back in March I got a little rescue dog and after knowing her for the last 6 months I ask myself – who rescued who?

Peachy Keen is a tiny little 7 pound fuzz ball of a Light Warrior.

She is cute.  I am not the only one who says she is the cutest dog they have ever seen, so it’s a fact – she is cute.  On the show “Cosmos,” Niel DeGrasse Tyson said that cuteness was a beneficial evolutionary trait in dogs because the cuter they were the more their humans would feed them – so my little Peachy is the pinnacle of canine evolution.  But I see how she is taking an active part in the evolution of humankind, as well.

Everywhere we go, people smile. I see how we walk by all these people and they instantly smile, make cooing noises, come up to pet her and just melt.  People’s faces light up with just a little bit more joy than they felt before seeing her. Sometimes they just half smile and silently walk by, sometimes they utter loud exclamations – “oh my God, what a cutie!” Sometimes they call to their spouses or children to make sure that they, too, get a chance to look at this adorable little dog. Big tattooed biker dudes giggle with glee and rub her belly.  One time a lady told her husband to pull over and stop the car so she could get out and say hello to Peachy. My dog opens hearts wherever she goes and brings more love and happiness into the world every day.  It’s actually a very high service that I strive to attain – and Peachy does it naturally just by being Peachy.

But she does more than that. She’s a little healer. I cannot tell you how many times Peachy has helped me keep my heart open in order to let some pretty tough emotions pass through. Sometimes something is stirred up in me, some emotion or issue from the past percolating and bubbling around as a murky uncomfortable feeling of I don’t know what, just below the surface – and then little Peachy runs up to me with her tail wagging, her eyes just loving me. All of a sudden I shift my focus to how much I love this little being and my heart bursts wide open and all the emotions that might otherwise have gotten trapped or stuck come rushing out and get released. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh at the ‘duh’ of some obvious realization – but somehow by not shutting my heart down, by shifting into giving love, I have some kind of resolution.

Peace bean bagPeachy also protects me from negative energies! Yes – she barks and tries to protect me from the UPS guy, random people walking by our house and the thunder – but that is not what I’m talking about. For many years I have heard how radiating love is the best protection from any negative energies or thought forms. But if you’re having negative thought forms run around in your head or you’re feeling negative energy flying around – sometimes it’s hard to just start radiating love. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling in a funk – I was grumpy, I was having negative thoughts, I kept getting paper cuts and bumping into things, and it just kept going. Pretty soon I was starting to feel anger – anger that didn’t feel like me, that didn’t feel like who I am or who I want to be. So – I started paying attention and I started setting my intention to clear my energy.  I did some chanting, some breathing, some offering up – I still felt pretty funky. I walked around the corner into the living room and there was Peachy curled up in her little blue bean bag. All of a sudden I was overcome with how much I love her and poof – negativity gone! In an instant! I didn’t even have to try. Thanks to my little dog I was quite naturally and spontaneously radiating love!

Love is an amazing force. And keeping the heart open is such an instrumental key in any process of healing, awakening or happiness.  And I am witness to how much having my little Peachy in my life is helping me.  I know it sounds cute and fuzzy, and it is – but it’s real.  Does it qualify as a spiritual practice?  Is having a dog a part of my awakening?  From my own experience I would have to say yes.

So – I am a firm believer that all these cute little dogs and cats that we have in our lives are actually beings of very high service. When I think about how much more happy I am, how much more I smile, how much more I laugh, how much more love I feel on a daily basis because of Peachy I am amazed. And when you multiply that by however many pet owners there are in the world… and all the people we walk by on the sidewalk… and all those darn cute videos on you tube… think about the magnitude of the vibration of love that these little beings are contributing to our collective world!  Even though I feel almost silly writing this post about my dog, it’s seriously astounding.


P.S. To add a furry friend into your family – please rescue, don’t give any money to the incredibly inhumane puppy mill industry – you’ll be rescued in return.

Thank you to V.I.P Pet Rescue of Florida for finding my little Peachy

Locally:  S.A.F.E Pet Rescue

Anywhere:  Pet Finder