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daisy smileBeing a Walking Talking Force for Good

Each of us touch countless people in countless ways every day of our lives – creating good feelings or not-so-good feelings everywhere we go.  This happens in how we interact with our co-workers, fellow motorists, people we see at the grocery store, the waiter at our favorite restaurant and the person behind the counter at the gas station.  This happens through our words, facial expressions, our actions and energy.  We’ve all experienced this when someone honks and flips us off in traffic, when someone yells at a waitress over cold coffee or when we walk by someone exuding anger and we instinctively pull away.  We’ve also experienced how infectious it is when someone smiles at us, someone let’s us into the lane in a traffic jam, when someone tells us how beautiful our new shirt is, or when someone speaks up for the waitress who is being treated rudely.

I actually witness this every day as I take my dog for a walk.  She is cute.  I am not the only one who says she is the cutest dog they have ever seen, so it’s a fact – she is cute.  And I see how we walk by all these people who instantly smile, make cooing noises, come up to pet her and just melt.  Big tattooed biker dudes giggle with glee and rub her belly.  My dog opens hearts wherever she goes and brings more love and happiness into the world every day.  It’s actually a very high service that I strive to attain as well.

We all create energetic and emotional ripples of peace or discord wherever we go.  Imagine the power if everyone became conscious of this reality and made the decision to create good feelings wherever they went.  Our whole world would be transformed!

Here is a video that illustrates this so beautifully – how one man in Bangkok makes such a huge difference to those he comes across in his life simply by being kind.  And below are some ideas of ways to make the world a better place in your every day life.


Making a Difference in Daily Life:

Smile at people, even people you don’t know.  Act as if we are all part of one humanity (because we are).

Be present.  Be present with each person you come into contact with.  As you are placing your order at the deli counter, just hold in your awareness that you are being present with the person who is kindly making your sandwich and see them as another soul here on earth.  The words might not be any different, but the energy will be transformed.

Learn to meditate as a service to humanity, so that you can add a calm, centered, loving influence of peace to the collective mind and to all those around you.

Join with other like-minded people to do good in the world: praying or mediating for peace, feeding the homeless, taking actions for social justice and compassion.

Make friends with someone from a different culture and/or religion – you may find they are much like you.

Give canned and nonperishable food to a local food pantry.

If something doesn’t feel right – do something.  If you are witnessing prejudice or injustice of any kind, say something. Don’t retreat from life when you have the opportunity to be a force for good in the world.If something feels right – do something.  If you see something good or beautiful, say something.  If you see someone doing something kind, smile, thank them and support it.  Don’t retreat from life when you have the opportunity to magnify the good in the world.

When you meet a homeless person on the sidewalk – give money if you can, buy them a sandwich, give a smile, say a prayer, send them love and kind thoughts, give them respect as a worthy and beautiful human being, look them in the eyes with love, not pity, but love.

If some random person is rude to you at the gas station, don’t react and go into more negative emotions – have compassion that they are in such a state of negativity and send them soothing peace.  The added benefit is that you will also feel soothing peace and not pass on the negativity to yourself or anyone else.

If you feel off or upset or irritable, take a few moments to just be with yourself, breath, pray or meditate or just set an intention to clear your thoughts.  Use your awareness of your own state to shift it – to focus on something you are grateful for, to love yourself and give yourself compassion, to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling but to not unconsciously pass that on to anyone else.

Give your co-workers a compliment now and then – if they did a great job on a project, tell them.

If you gossip in the office, make sure you’re spreading good rumors about how kind and amazing so-and-so is.

When you appreciate someone – a friend, a teacher, a sister, a neighbor – let them know.

When you see someone trying to cross the street, stop and let them – if you see someone needing to get into your lane, make room and wave them in.  It will only take a few seconds from your life and add a feeling of cooperation and kindness to the world.

Say something nice to every person you meet today.

Simply put – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Be the Peace you want to see in the world.


These are just some ideas to make spreading good in the world a more conscious decision. I will keep adding to it as I am inspired.

Please add your own ways to make the world a better place in daily life in the comments! 

2 thoughts on “Daily Life

  1. I second your call for being a ‘walking talking force for good’ – eloquently put! Just remember how happy it makes you feel when someone compliments you…I make a conscious effort to cheerfully compliment complete strangers if I happen to be in line at a store etc. It always puts a smile on their face:)

    • YES – I love surprising random strangers with kindness. Sometimes it’s like it pulls them out of their own little world and just brings connection and more happiness to the planet.

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