Meditation & World Peace

578184_116881885111161_958111558_nI have always known intuitively in my heart that our prayers matters, that the quality of the energy we put out into the world makes a difference and that World Peace is about a shift in consciousness.  And when I read and hear about the scientific research that is proving this again and again I get very excited.  Let’s go!  Wow!  If group meditation can literally save lives – which is shown in several studies published in peer-reviewed publications – then let’s do something.  And if the energy, thoughts and emotions I am “feeding the field” each day with my own mind and heart impacts life all around me, I can do something about that, too.

In the videos below it’s explained that there have been so many studies done on how Group Meditation or Feeling Prayer creates Peace that it’s a scientific fact.  There is more scientific evidence that Group meditation lessens war, terrorism and violent crime than there is that Aspirin lessens headache pain.  They have even been able to mathematically calculate the number of people needed to start having a measurable impact of Peace on the surrounding area – it is the square root of 1% of the population.  For a city of 1 million people, that is about 100 people meditating for peace to create a measurable decline in violent crime.  And of course, the more the merrier.  As they found in the Washington D.C. study, as the meditators increased in number, the violence decreased even more.

Join Unity & Peace 2nd Sunday of each month!

Join Unity & Peace 2nd Sunday of each month!

When you apply this math to World Peace, with a population of 6 billion people, the square root of 1% is only about 8,000 people.  Think about that.  It only takes 8,000 you’s and me’s to start to have an impact of Peace on a world scale.  That is exciting.  That is inspiring.  That is hopeful.  That is Peace on Earth.  That is real science.

Even our own little individual meditation practices make a difference.  Scientific research has found that in cities and towns all over the world where as little as 1% of the population practices meditation, not in groups but in the comfort of their own homes, the trend of rising crime rate is reversed, indicating increasing order and harmony.  My friend Sadia told me that when she wakes up in the morning and feels too lazy to meditate, she thinks “Maybe I’m helping my neighbors” and that gets her motivated.  And it’s true – she is helping all of us.

Research scientists are studying the phenomenon of rising coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole society and they are establishing the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness.  The increase in brain wave coherence in the individual is reflected by increased coherence in social behavior—as measured by reduced crime, terrorism and war.  I love how science is coming full circle with what all our major spiritual traditions have always known – we are all connected, we are all One.


The Science of the Heart & of Our Interconnectedness: 

This is an excerpt from the wonderful movie “I Am” by Tom Shadyac about his travels around the world interviewing the world’s leading spiritual and scientific leaders.  This part is taken mostly from his visit to the Heart Math Institute where they are doing scientific research into the human heart, it’s electromagnetic field and the very real and measurable effect the state our minds and emotions have on life around us.


The Scientific Evidence of Group Meditation Actually Creating Peace:

John Hegelin, Ph.D. is a quantum physicist who founded The Global Union of Scientists for Peace which promotes the adoption of safe, scientifically proven technologies for national security and global peace.

Here is an excerpt of John Hegelin talking about Peace with the film director David Lynch, of the David Lynch Foundation:

“Negativity goes away like darkness goes away when the sun comes up.  The sun doesn’t even have to try to drive the darkness away, the sun doesn’t even care about the darkness.  The sun comes up and it goes.  The unified field gets enlivened and negativity goes.  Peace isn’t a stupid thing, [it’s not a little old lady idea,] it’s powerful.”  David Lynch

And here is a video of John Hegelin talking about the scientific research that proves that group meditation DOES create peace.    As he puts it:  “There is far more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain, for example.  It is a scientific fact.”


The Science of the Feeling Heart Changing the World:

This is a video of Gregg Braden speaking about how science is now showing us what ancient wisdom traditions have known for a long time – how feeling prayer (or meditation) has a real powerful effect on the outer world.  At the end he speaks about how there has been so much scientific research into the effects of group prayer/feeling/meditation for peace that we actually know the ratios, as I detail above.


Global Coherence InitiativeHeart Math Institute:

The Heart Math Institute has for years conducted research on the role of the heart in our inner and outer happiness and produced many studies about the interconnectedness of life.  They study the effects of different emotional states and how a positive emotional experience results in a physical level of coherence where all the body systems work together in a healing and restorative way.

With the Global Coherence Initiative they have now applied this individual research on a Global scale, studying the effects of Global Coherence by measuring the earth’s magnetic field, collective human emotions and behaviors, and planetary changes in research stations around the world.

It is an exciting next step of research of this technology of peace.  And it’s bringing previously “airy fairy” spiritual concepts into our physical understanding of the world.  Generally speaking, the change of consciousness appears to be wireless. Just as radio stations radiate music through the underlying electromagnetic field, so groups of peace-creating meditators appear to radiate harmony and peacefulness through an underlying field of consciousness.


Meditation and Peace in our Communities as a reduction of violent crime:

Washington D.C. Study

A two-month national demonstration project conducted in Washington, D.C., showed how a coherence-creating group of meditators can reduce crime and social stress. It was a carefully controlled scientific demonstration carried out in June & July, 1993. The study involved a group of meditators who increased in number from 800 to 4,000 over the trial.

The effect started happening a week after the start of the project and as the number of meditators increased, the crime rate decreased. When the group reached their maximum level of 4000 meditators, Washington D.C. showed a 23.3% drop in violent crime.

The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion. This study has been repeated in many other cities and had similar results.


washington dc study