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meditation-31Learning to meditate is easy.  And it is such a powerful and simple tool to help create more happiness, inner peace and love in our lives – and more coherence, harmony and outer peace in the world.  Below are some of my favorite resources for meditation that are available to everyone free of charge on line.  There are more options and many more ways to connect with our innermost hearts and to live from our soul selves in this world.  Find whatever way works for you.  The most important thing is just DOING IT.



Christian Meditation – Laurence Freeman

The World Community for Christian Meditation has as its aim to nurture meditation in the Christian Tradition in the spirit of serving the unity of all. They are a Christian organization who work with the Dalai Lama and people of many other faiths to bring more harmony, respect and cooperation to all religions.

The community was founded by Benedictine monk John Main who had learned meditation from Swami Satyananda in the East before he became a monk.  When he joined the Benedictines he was told to stop meditating as at that time it was not considered to be a form of Christian prayer.  However, John Main was led to study the roots of his own Christian monastic tradition and in writings from monks and nuns found the Christian expression of the same way of meditation he had learned in the East.  Recognizing the urgent need for this in the modern world he began to practice again as well as teaching.

“There is no part-time or partial prayer, as if the Spirit were not always alive in our heart. But there are times, our twice-daily meditation, when we make a complete turn of consciousness towards this ever-present reality. There comes a level of awakening when our awareness of this reality is constant, throughout our most diverse activities and concerns.” – John Main

They have the online The School of Meditation which offers many resources both for group and individual daily meditation practice within the Christian tradition.  They also offer programs especially designed for children.

Their Mobile App WCCM App 2 is available on Android and iPhone platforms.

Below are two videos with Benedictine Monk Laurence Freeman of WCCM.  The first is a beautiful explanation of the Sermon on the Mount as Jesus’s teaching on meditation – on communing and listening to God inside.  The second is a simple form of Christian chanting meditation.

Heart Math Institute:

The Heart Math Institute is a science based organization who has been doing research on the role of the human heart in creating our outside world.  They teach very simple techniques to help reduce stress, shift our emotions and help us to stay in a state of physical and emotional coherence.  Through their research they have found that the heart does a lot more than just pump blood.  It has neural tissue that communicates far more information to the brain than the brain communicates to the heart and it produces the body’s largest electromagnetic field that changes with our emotions and affects the world around us.  Their mission is to help people live happier and more harmonious lives and also to, through our individual coherence create a global coherence.  There is a great clip from the Tom Shadyac movie I Am about the Heart Math Institute on the Meditation & World Peace page.

This is a short introductory video about Heart Math.  The second video is a sample of their Quick Coherence technique, a simple meditation of breathing into the heart.

1 Giant Mind – Stress Reduction & Vedic Meditation:

1 Giant Mind is a non-profit dedicated to delivering free Learn to Meditate programs and resources to combat the negative impact of stress and increase health and well-being.  They have a vision of a world where meditation is as commonplace as brushing your teeth, and mainstream culture supports personal growth as a social responsibility.

They offer more of a simple stress reduction meditation technique that is very easy to learn and that has profound benefits.  They are more focused on meditation as a natural mental process that induces a set of integrated psychophysiological changes termed as the ‘relaxation response’.  This meditation is wonderful for anyone – both people with a more secular focus as well as those who are pursuing a deeper spiritual connection.

Their Free App 1 Giant Mind is available on both Android and iPhone.

This is a video of Gary Gorrow, who is also a teacher of Vedic Meditation, explaining the way that meditation helps us in very practical ways in daily life.


Brama Kumaris – Raja Yoga

Brama Kumari med2The Brama Kumaris are a beautiful spiritual organization who teach meditation and soul centered living around the world.  They originated in India but they teach a universal message of peace, love and compassion not dependent on any single religion and honoring of all spiritual traditions.  They have a deep belief that we will find World Peace and the Golden Age through each of us finding Inner Peace – and for this mission they teach meditation in most countries on earth.  They have put together this free website to learn BK meditation – Learn to Meditate on line.  BK meditation is the practice of learning to concentrate your mind, and guiding it in a direction that is positive, helpful and enriching.  Their main focus is on the Light, Love and Peace of God.

The Brama Kumaris also teach Raja Yoga, which is meditating on the Light, Love and Peace of God.  They teach the simple shift in identity from “I am a body, I have a soul” to “I am a soul, I have a body.”  As a soul we are the spark of Light or consciousness that is made in the image of God, the Supreme Soul – and as such we are at our core also benevolent, loving, peaceful and good.  All the Brama Kumaris I have encountered are sweet and heart focused people and I love what they are offering to humanity completely free of charge.

They also have created a free app!  It is called Pause for Peace and is available for both iPhone and Android.  It has lots of BK resources for meditation and soul focus – including “JAM’s” or Just-A-Minute meditations that can be perfect little centering tools in the middle of a busy day.

This video is with one of the sisters first speaking about God as the all benevolent, compassionate and peaceful best friend, Mother and Father followed by a beautiful and deeply relaxing guided meditation.

Some of my other favorite online resources:

MeditationPlex – A video library about meditation.  Hours and hours of amazing videos from all different types of meditation traditions, including modern science and brain research.

More coming soon.


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