Inner Action

Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation and Inner Transformation


While I believe that inner change should always be coupled with outer action, speaking up and helping your fellow man – I absolutely believe that changing our consciousness through meditation, prayer and spiritual practice can and does change the world.  There have been many studies on the benefits of meditation – both for individual health and well-being and for societal coherence, harmony and peace.

I would like to expand the word meditation to include any form of internal spiritual practice that helps to purify the mind, open the heart and activate LOVE consciousness.  It can be traditional meditation sitting in lotus focusing on the Light of God or it can be dancing in kirtan passionately chanting God’s name.  It can be walking to the beat of Om Mani Padme Hum or swirling with the Sufi whirling dervishes or visualizing the Kabbalist Merkabah.  It can be deeply praying and experiencing the Grace of God or it can be the deep experience of communion – becoming One with the body of Christ.   There are many many different forms of meditation, both secular and spiritual – so simply find your practice, what works for you.

Inner Action and Inner Transformation is beneficial for our own health, happiness and spiritual evolution.  And it is also beneficial for our collective consciousness – and inner transformation changes both our outer actions and the emotion / state of consciousness we contribute to the wholeness of humanity.  There are multiple studies that establishes the principle that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness, and the research also suggests that group practice of meditation for peace generates an actual reduction in violent crime, terrorism and war.  Inner peace DOES help create world peace.  So, we can hold meditation as serving our own happiness and serving the world at the same time.

There are several pages below with information and resources I have compiled for Inner Action.  But first, a video inspiration to help us Choose Love!


578184_116881885111161_958111558_nMeditation & World Peace

Many scientific studies show how Group Meditation creates Peace. There is more scientific evidence that Peace meditation lessens violence than there is that Aspirin lessens headache pain. That inspires Inner Action.

heart-chakra-colorsMeditation How To’s

A collection of reminders, tips and hopefully useful information about meditation and contemplative prayer – please add comments and questions and keep our collective understanding expanding.

meditation-31Meditation Resources

Learning to meditate is easy.  Here are some of my favorite resources for meditation that are available to everyone free of charge on line – something for everyone.

Alex_Grey_Meditation-alt-1000x1000Meditation and Health

Many studies in modern times show that meditation has many health benefits.  The use of meditation, in addition to being part of the world’s spiritual traditions, is also part of the world’s health traditions.

Interfaith TreeHistory of Meditation in All Religions

Meditation is a natural practice of connecting with our innermost selves and with God.  Some form of meditation can be found in almost every spiritual tradition or religion around the world.






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