Loving Your Soul Purpose

Two hikers enjoying sunrise from top of a mountainNew Year’s Eve is as good a time as any to contemplate one’s soul purpose.

What is it I am meant to do in life?  What is the purpose of my life?  What does my soul want to do here?  What am I here to accomplish?  Why did I incarnate?  What is my destiny?

In contemplating these things I give you two hints.

The first hint is:  LOVING YOUR SOUL PURPOSE.

When you are doing what it is your SOUL wants to do, you will feel LOVE.  So, what is it you love to do?

And I don’t mean what is pleasurable? I’m not talking about “I love to eat chocolate” or “I love to unwind with my favorite mindless TV show” (although either is OK in moderation). Soul purpose is not about hedonism, selfishness or escapism.  I don’t mean what is it you love to do to relax and unwind?

By loving your soul purpose, what I mean is – what is it that makes you feel alive? What are you passionate about? What inspires you and excites you?  What is it that you walk around thinking about as you go to your car in the parking lot?  What is it you are thinking about when you are brushing your teeth or first thing when you wake up?

Enjoying the sunWhat is it that gets you in the zone?  You know, the zone.  That space beyond every day life where you feel like the whole universe is in alignment like some cosmic chiropractic adjustment just clicked and everything feels RIGHT.

What is it that when you are engaged in it, you are totally absorbed and hours go by in minutes? What gets you to stop thinking and start just being? What brings you fully present into the moment?

You see, when you are doing something that your soul wants to do, your soul is fully participating, fully engaged and present in your body and it feels blissful. It feels like love.

Sometimes it’s obvious what your soul purpose is or what it is you love to do. But sometimes it’s not so obvious.

And soul purpose is not about success or money. It’s not always something that you can turn into a career or make a living – maybe it’s the volunteer work you do or the hobby you have. Maybe it’s the spontaneous help and support you give to your family and friends. And what’s more, it can be a combination of these things – it’s not always ONE thing.

And your soul purpose can be small and simple things. It’s not always some big cause that you can easily turn into some Norma Rae moment of standing on top of factory equipment holding up a sign saying “This is my soul purpose!” It can be something tiny that only those closest to you notice but it makes all the difference in the world to them and to you.

So, as we go into New Year’s Eve and into this New Year of 2015, you can meditate on what this might be for you. You can have a prayerful conversation between you and God and your soul. You can journal and free flow what is most important to you. You can make a list of what inspires you. Or if you are not verbally inclined you can collect images or pictures of what matters most to you.

And don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. It could very well be that you already know what your soul purpose is and if that is the case, just take some time to contemplate it and envision how your purpose will unfold in the coming year.

And now, before you go off and contemplate too much, it is time for the second hint.

The second hint is: LOVING, YOUR SOUL PURPOSE.

hands-holding-candleYes. While the activities and tasks that you have just read about, the things that you love to do, are perhaps what your soul is guiding you to do at any one moment – the actual PURPOSE is not the activity. These are simply ways for your soul to express its purpose.

The actual purpose of any soul is LOVING. I guess that is a bit more than a hint.

Our purpose is to Love.  I would pretty much venture to say that is everyone’s soul purpose, really, if you really get down to it – to Love, to love God, to love our neighbor, to love ourselves, to love those around us, to love those in need, to love the Earth, to love.

As I have recently started writing again and I am sharing my inner spirit in words with the outer world, I have been feeling that this is, in part, my “purpose” – to write.  And it is something I love to do and it is something that I feel alive when I am doing.  When I am writing I can spend hours and it feels like minutes and when I leave I feel energized and inspired.

Yet, something that I have known in my heart for a while is that a soul purpose is bigger than just this life or this body. Writing is only an instrument for me to express my purpose.  And there are other expressions of that purpose as well.  Our soul purpose is much bigger than can be contained in any one task or activity.

So, even though I could say that writing is my purpose, I could just as easily say that my purpose is rubbing Peachy‘s belly.  When she is laying on my chest with her four feet flailing up in the air and I am loving her more than I can contain and rubbing her soft little puppy belly – that is me expressing love in the purest form I know.  So – that is my soul purpose.

If you looked at the whole thing energetically it’s like we’d just be little radiating suns sending light beams of Love out to all of life around us.  But we don’t look quite so silly.  We look like people with jobs and families and homes, so we express those light beams of Love in different ways – but essentially, that is what is going on. We are souls here loving.

Some people express Love in the form of inventing the light bulb or engineering a great bridge or composing a spectacular symphony.  Some people express Love in the form of being a really great boss or a very caring grandparent.

You see – a Soul having a purpose can’t be limited to what the circumstances of this particular life have turned out to be.

I am NOT a writer and you are NOT a singer. Suppose tomorrow my fingers fall off and your vocal cords dissolve and we can no longer write or sing. Would our soul purpose cease?

water-blue-sea-wavesWhat if a person feels that their soul purpose is to be a surfer – to merge with the ocean and the wave.  But then that person has a car accident or gets hit by a meteor and somehow they no longer have the physical ability to surf. That soul is still here and that soul still has a purpose.  So, perhaps that soul was expressing Love in the form of surfing and merging with the ocean and the wave up until that point. Now that soul will find a different way of expressing.  Perhaps that person will find that feeling of being One with the ocean and the wave inside themselves beyond the surfboard and then express their love for life around them by teaching about the Oneness that is inside all of us, regardless of our outer physicality.

If I attach so much importance to writing that I think it is WHO I am and it is what my soul is here to do, then what happens to me if my fingers fall off (and I lived in a world where voice recognition software didn’t exist)? And the last 16 years of my life that I spent NOT writing (or NOT petting Peachy‘s belly) were not some wasteland of meaninglessness and despair because I had not found my soul purpose yet.  I was expressing my purpose of loving in different ways.

In deed, we express our purpose of loving all along the way from the time we are infants until we are old and wrinkled. We express our purpose of loving in small ways all the time – so in a sense we don’t need to worry so much about FINDING our soul purpose or we will waste our lives in some kind of rat race. All the moments of love IN the rat race ARE our soul purpose, too.  You HAVE been living your soul purpose all along in lots of weird and wonderful ways.  Your soul is smart.  It’s not going to waste time.  It will express love in small and big ways no matter what.

Yes, it is good to find the things that you love to do, that you are passionate about and that make you feel fully alive. It is good to listen to your soul and follow what it is your soul is guiding you towards, to find the activities that your soul is most aligned with at this point in time. Doing that will help you to express your soul purpose in the fullest. Doing that will help you expand your purpose of Loving, it will help the Love to fill you on the deepest level and for you to express your love in the most important way you can.

However – life circumstances, opportunities and abilities change.  And to truly find one’s soul purpose, one has to focus on the Soul – that which does not change, that which is eternal and permanent:

LOVING, your soul purpose.



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