Is the Creation All An Illusion?

medicinewheelblueI have a very dear friend who is a self-described Buddhist leaf-on-the-wind.  He is one of the kindest people I know and he earnestly strives to love and give without attachment or selfishness.  I love him and admire him, I honor his sincerity on his spiritual path, but he does have one habit that kind of bugs me.  In conversation he frequently says, “well, whatever, it’s all an illusion anyway.”

I know this is a Western popularization of the Eastern idea of Maya – the illusory world of polarities and separateness that we live in.  Maya is the world where we have us and them, you and I and where we have ego and the Self.  In modern day Quantum Physics, this notion of Maya is reinforced by the notion that we create our own reality from our own minds – that the electron does not exist until it is observed by the observer.  This notion of the world as illusion is also depicted (in a most bad-ass way, I must add) in the Matrix movies.  Here, the entire world we think we live in is literally just a computer programmed illusion meant to keep us from questioning the nature of reality.

And I love all the new physics and scientific discoveries about the Unified Field and string theory.  I love the Matrix movies and how Neo discovers that we are not limited by the confines of the illusory world we have known and we can fly and stop bullets and do some amazing kung fu!  I love the Bhagavad Gita and the Lotus Sutra and all the Eastern wise ones freeing us from our illusion of selfishness.  However – when I hear someone say the statement “it’s all an illusion anyway,” I cringe inside.

I found this gut feeling I’ve had in my insides whenever I’ve heard that statement perfectly expressed in Eknath Easwaran’s introduction to the Bhagavad Gita:

Thank you

Thank you

“The sages called the dream of waking life – the dream of separate, merely physical existence – by a suggestive name, maya… In the Gita, maya becomes the creative power of the Godhead, the primal creative energy that makes unity appear as the world of innumerable separate things with ‘name and form.’

Later philosophers explained maya in surprisingly contemporary terms… the mind looks at unity and sees diversity; it looks at what is timeless and reports transience.  And in fact the percepts of its experience are diverse and transient; on this level of experience, separateness is real.  Our mistake is in taking this for ultimate reality, like the dreamer thinking that nothing is real except his dream.

When we look at unity through the instruments of the mind, we see diversity; when the mind is transcended, we enter a higher mode of knowing – turiya, the fourth state of consciousness – in which duality disappears.  This does not mean, however, that the phenomenal world is an illusion or unreal.  The illusion is the sense of separateness.” 

Ah!  Finally, an articulate understanding of why I have always been annoyed at these modern day dismissive “it’s all an illusion” comments.  I’ve always just said – “argh! it’s not an illusion, it’s the creation.”  But I had never been able to put it into words quite that clearly.  When I read these words I felt a big CLICK in my being, and a big sigh of relief.

peace-wallpaper-backgrounds-desktop-nature-109803That’s it.  The fact that our ultimate reality is one of Unity and Oneness with God and with each other doesn’t mean that the whole of God’s creation is just an illusion and of no consequence.  It’s just the sense of separation that is the illusion – in reality, the world that we live in is a gift of wonder and beauty and it’s something that should be cherished and enjoyed, not dismissed as all an illusion.  That’s why I’ve always felt that shrugging your shoulders and saying “whatever, it’s all an illusion anyway” can be kind of rude.

What’s worse is when someone looks at suffering – one’s own suffering or the suffering of others – and thinks, well, it’s just an illusion.  Sure – maybe on the highest level of reality everything is God, including the evil people who can abuse and torture other human beings – and maybe in the highest level of reality the souls who are enduring this pain will one day return to the Unity of God and all will be good again.  But on this level of the creation, suffering is real and suffering deserves compassion and action.  Whether it’s a person accepting their lot in life because it’s all an illusion anyway or someone shutting their heart down to the suffering of others because it’s not really real – I don’t think that is what is meant by the teachings of maya.

Maya is “the creative power of the Godhead that makes unity appear as the world of innumerable separate things.”  This level of reality that we live in is an expression of the Oneness of God appearing as innumerable people and animals and flowers and millions of wondrous little creations.  We should do everything we can as long as we are here in the body to make it the most loving, compassionate and beautiful expression possible.

Beautiful-Tree-Photography-15I think the whole purpose of all these teachings about Maya is to get us to wake up to the reality of Unity while we are still here in the creation.  And it’s not so that we can understand that while we are in this body nothing is real and we just have to put up with the illusion until we leave our bodies and return to the truth of Oneness Consciousness.  How much more wondrous and beautiful are the mountains and seas and birds of the air when they are experienced as part of a continuous loving Oneness, an illuminated and sparkling manifestation of God Herself!  How much more marvelous is a tree when it is seen with amazement as an extension of my own Self, just like looking at my own hand as a part of me.  How much more beautiful is another person when in their eyes and their face I see the essence of my own soul!

“Here again we can illustrate from physics: the world of ‘name and form’ exists only as a condition of perception; at the subatomic level, separate phenomena dissolve into a flux of energy.  The effect of maya is similar.  The world of the senses is real, but it must be known for what it is: unity appearing as multiplicity.”

So, instead of dismissing this world as illusion, let’s just dismiss the separateness and see the Unity in all of creation so we can wonder at the unbelievably beautiful flux of Divine energy that we are all a part of.

7 thoughts on “Is the Creation All An Illusion?

  1. Dear Shanti, What beautiful musing is going on, I love reading your blog and the pictures you choose! To support your thoughts on the meaning of maya, you might be interested in Sankara’s (Advaita Vedanta’s) beautiful explanation of reality vs illusion. Sankara has clearly elucidated different orders of reality and thus I think would agree with your position fully! Here is a rough summary.

    1) asat refers to words/concepts of things that never existed. The common example is the birth child of a barren woman, or the horns on the head of a person. Such concepts are a nonexistent mix of ideas.

    2) pratibhasika satta, which means illusion that is projected by an individual’s mind, such as their dreams. This order of reality has some existence, dependent on the mind, which depends on the Self.

    3) vyavaharika satta, which means illusion that is perceived by many people. This is the maya or mithya most people refer to. This order of reality, like you allude to, has its basis in absolute reality. It is dependent, or contingent reality, like the snake depends on the rope. The snake depends on a rope for its existence, but it is not seen in its fullness, so it is mistaken. This is the meaning of illusion.

    4) paramarthika satta, or Sat, refers to absolute Reality, God. Reality, Sat, is defined in Vedanta as anything that exists unconditionally, always, everywhere, without change (beyond space and time). That is the truth underlying all the changing experiences of this world.

    This is all just to say that your musings are fully supported by Advaita Vedanta, Sankara, and Swami Chinmayananda among others! Hari Om!

    • Wow – thank you for this lovely long and thoughtful comment! I had not heard of those different names for the different levels of reality. I am so honored that the Vedanta has names for what I am writing about. I really like the differentiations – and it’s true, it is layers. Words spoken about things that are not even manifest are of course less real even than our shared experiences of this illusion of separation. And God is the ultimate reality!

      I am also very grateful to Cinmayananda for being one of the first ones to start teaching the Vedas in English. I am so honored that he brought the ancient truths to my part of the world. Thank you! Hari Om, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti…

  2. Nov, 21st… Where was I when you have posted this amazing article? I remember reading through it but clearly it wasn’t me reading it…
    How not surprising, right? This article had a link of your today’s post (28.11.2014) and I clicked it. You are mentioning (as well as many other great things) about not having the same thoughts after a while. Something similar just happened to me. I thought I read this, but no, the Meyla from seven days ago has read it, and she is not me today!
    I will write an additional comment later, after I digest everything you have written. Wow.

    • Yes, I do that, too – I read or see something for a second time and I see it totally differently. I’m looking forward to your next comment! Thank you for not only reading but contemplating! I’m honored. :)

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  4. Dear Shanti, I’ve used the part “Eknath Easwaran’s introduction to the Bhagavad Gita” on my blog. If you copy and paste the Turkish version to Google translate, get ready to laugh hard!
    Here’s a quick translation from me: As an introduction I said, “I would like to share a lock opener part from a post of a website, hosted by dear Shanti, whom I read her posts with love and interest. In the beginning of her post she shared her discomfort each time she hears about “all is an illusion” statements and she found this gutfeeling in this writing as… so on…”
    Thank you very much, for your support. You and your posts (+always Peachy) are valuable to me.
    With Love…

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