Consciousness as Cure

Voltaire chosen to be happyI know a few days ago I stated in a post that God must have created the laws of physics the way He did for some reason and maybe we shouldn’t try flying just yet or we might end up killing ourselves jumping off a roof before we have actually gained the ability to fly.

But what I believe to be more true is that humanity has co-created the laws of physics with God and that therefore we have created the physical world as we know it with some limitations that are really not necessary but are more of a reflection of our limited human consciousness at the time.  So, we can re-co-create those parts of our world that we would like to change.

I wrote about how of course our collective human world is made up by our collective consciousness, so World Peace is only a logical conclusion.

I am also thinking about the possibilities of healing and how all this applies to our physical bodies.  One immediate thought I’m having is how can a severe thunderstorm warning and barometric pressure change on this certain spot on the planet create a sensation of intense pain in the upper right quadrant of my brain and how can I use my awareness and my consciousness to cure the migraine I am having right now – and how come NaBloPoMo didn’t cover what to do on days when severe pain and nausea prevents coherent blogging?

So, I’m improvising and instead of writing all my thoughts about how we can use limitlessness and our soul power to heal the body and the earth – I will post two inspiring videos that bring me into deeper contemplation about how Consciousness is a cure!

The first video is of Anita Moorjani, an amazing and wise woman who I just discovered.  She had a Near Death Experience after 4 years of battling cancer when she fell into a comma and was given the choice to leave or come back – and knew that her cancer had started as an energy in her first and that if she came back that energy would be gone and so her body would heal quickly – and 5 weeks after her Near Death Experience she left the hospital 100% cancer free!

The second video is an interview with Gregg Braden.  He is talking about the science of prayer and quantum physics and how we create our own reality with our consciousness.  He shares a very powerful story about a hospital in China where 3 people are praying over a woman with a tumor and the tumor shrinks and disappears in a matter of minutes.  (Pardon the embarrassing “Shocking Must Watch!!” sensationalism of the you tube video still).

And with that I leave you and go back to bed with an ice pack on my poor head as I will dream of how Love and Happiness is the secret to health and Consciousness is the fountain of youth.

One thought on “Consciousness as Cure

  1. Consciousness, is the key. Thank you for sharing the videos, especially Anita’s story have touched me deeply. The moment she realized that she didn’t ️love herself, she started healing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it says that we should consider the body, soul and mind as one. Without one, we couldn’t exist. Our higher being is communicating with us through many channels. We can listen to our inner voice, we can listen to what our body and organs are saying, or the people around us, they are the reflections, projections of us, we may read life listening and watching them. It’s all about us becoming better and after some level of understanding, enjoying the Oneness, being happy and everyone being happy. Migrane is speaking with you as well, you know it. Why are you experiencing something like that? I’m sorry for you feeling bad like that, I hope and know that you shall recover soon.
    But, please ask yourself, why the migrane? What is your soul trying to tell you? It could be your dislike of being driven, or is it about some fears? You know that you don’t have to fear anything, you’re safe and secure in life. We are all being protected by God. But as Anita did, you are to find out the reason of migrane you’re suffering. It’s not because it’s genetic or happenned since you were exhausted. They are facts, but there is a deeper reason for everything that we experience. And you know. it :-)

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