Gratitude ~ Worth More than Money

piggy bankSometimes when I am eagerly awaiting my next pay check because some unexpected expenses ate up my spending money or even when I’m trying to shuffle things around so that my automatic bills don’t bounce, I try to shift my thinking so I don’t get caught in the trap of lack consciousness and making myself unhappy.

Whenever I think to myself “ugh, I don’t have any money,” I immediately shift to the gratitude of “I have things that are worth more than money.  I have food.  I have a great home.  I have nice clothes and plenty of shoes without holes in them.  I have gas in my tank.”

These are all the things that I would use the money to buy anyway, and they are much much more useful than money.  Food I can eat.  Clothes I can wear.  Gas makes my car go round and round.  My home keeps me safe and warm.

Money in and of itself is not really that useful – it’s paper.  You can’t eat it, can’t wear it.  I guess if you burned it it could keep you warm for a few seconds but it doesn’t even make a sustainable fire like wood does.  1388196756000-AP-Fast-Food-Protests

And I’m not saying that money is bad or that it’s not good to have a little buffer in the bank (in order to buy more useful things when needed).  I actually think more people should make more money and it’s way past time to raise the minimum wage, so not so many people need to go through the feeling of eagerly waiting for their next pay check or, even when they do get paid, not having enough money to buy the useful things they need like food.  And I’m not proposing that a simple shift in attitude will help those living in poverty to create a new reality for themselves as rich entrepreneurs – we all need to come together to shift our collective consciousness of inequality and selfishness to change the cruelty of poverty that we just accept as a part of how it is.  But that is another topic for another post.

What I’m saying here is just a little trick I use to stay in a feeling of abundance and gratitude even when my bank account is close to empty.  There are so many things in life that are worth much more than money – and here I’m only talking about food and clothing and useful items.  Don’t even get me started on Love, Peace, Consciousness and Bliss!  Those we all have equal access to for free and there is an endlessly abundant supply!

So, before getting too stressed out or unhappy about poor cash flow, remember that money is only useful for the things it buys – so whenever I am a little strapped for cash, in order to stay in abundance consciousness, I just go into gratitude for all the very useful things that I have in abundance – most of all, happiness.

One thought on “Gratitude ~ Worth More than Money

  1. Similar to what you have said in your today’s post (16.11.2014), I am not an expert in abundance or being wealthy. But I know one thing. If I don’t respect money, it doesn’t respect me back.
    If I say that I don’t like and need money, in return it says “OK, Meyla goodbye, since you don’t like me and say that you don’t need me, there is no reason for me to flow like a river towards your purse.”
    I am grateful for the plentifulness of my table, my good health of mind-body-soul and the balance of them, but I try to pay my respects to each of them respectively.
    As you say, when we are experiencing the absence of not only money, anything that makes us feel un-whole, your trick is so helpful. The more we are grateful, the more we attract things that we would be grateful, as similars attract each other.
    Thank you for the motivation!

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