Nothingness and Happiness Continues

ensoYesterday my post was about how my answer to the nature of nothingness is happiness.

To sum up – whenever you’re engaged in a mental debate of esoteric spiritual principles about illusion or nothingness – ask yourself:  is this making me a more conscious and loving person who makes the world around me a more compassionate place?

However, there is another reason why my answer to the nature of nothingness is happiness.

Nothingness is supposed to be the That that is behind all illusion, behind all thoughts and emotions and human fabrications.  It is talked about as what is left when all our attachments, all our ego, all our karma and our samskaras are released – when we let go of our self identification.  Nothingness is the Pure Consciousness or the Om.

The thing is that I do not think that what is behind all things is just a void – a nothingness that is so empty that you even have to remove the nothingness from it.  Every experience of the realm beyond this realm I have felt in my heart, every glimpse of the That that is behind all things that I’ve ever had has felt like Love.

That was my experience of the chant Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu just a couple of weeks ago – that the chant is not just a prayer for all beings to be peaceful and happy, but it is the presence of the universe, the vastness and eternity of God that is IN and behind and underneath everything as this state of peaceful happiness.  That is my experience of the Nothingness that is beyond all human karma, ego and illusion.smiling buddha

The other thing that occurs to me is that those who have gone before us and have achieved liberation from all karma, ego and illusion are HAPPY.  They don’t sit there with blank stares on their faces immersed in some great void of nothing – they smile!  They are happy and uplifting to be around – they all seem to be very warm and loving.  So – this also points me to the nature of this nothingness as something filled with a lot of goodness.

Even if we look at the laws of physics – if nature abhors a vacuum, why would we think that the nature of the universe is based on nothingness?

So, based on common sense, my own experience and from what I know in my heart, it seems more true to me that the nature of the universe is based on fullness – a fullness of Light, Bliss, Peace and Love.  That is why my answer to the question about the nature of nothingness is Happiness.

2 thoughts on “Nothingness and Happiness Continues

  1. This one is a hard one to make a comment. I’ve read it two times and still the ideas are in motion. There’s a saying that “we listen to reply”. So in the honor of that quote, I kindly will hit the brakes in my mind and try to understand it more. As in digesting more of what you have described above. Maybe one minute later or maybe next week some time, an insight will come to front.
    I’ve listened to the chant you have shared yesterday. Within the spiritual process, the soul or our higher being (or whom we feel comfortable to call) always has its own way to communicate.
    Until today my definition of happiness was “happiness is not an emotion, it is a condition”.
    Nothingness is a very powerful definition of happiness.
    Here, time is the key ingredient (in this dimension) to comprehend.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Meyla. I very much enjoyed your post today, too, and it’s been percolating in my head as another post to write for later in the week. Very good use of the internet – communicating consciousness. I agree with you that Happiness is a condition or a state of consciousness, and I believe it very well might be THE state of consciousness that lies behind all others – or the nothingness. :)

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