Intelligent Arguments Are Still Arguments

heart energyRecently a beautiful soul friend of mine gave me a magazine from a renowned Christian Apologist, Ravi Zacharias.  I didn’t know what a Christian Apologist is, so I looked it up and learned that it is one who attempts to present a rational basis for the Christian faith, defending the faith against objections while proselytizing.  My friend told me how well educated this man is, that I could learn a lot from him because he has already done the research – he has worked for years in the field of comparative religions and has learned a great deal about all faiths in order to present his Christian apologies.

I took the magazine home and read one of the articles written by a Muslim who converts to Christianity – realizing that his own faith was wrong and Christianity was right.  It wasn’t over-the-top fanatical, it wasn’t inflammatory with fire and brimstone – it was well reasoned and intelligently presented.  But although it was a well written article and I even learned some things about Islam that I did not know before – the whole right/wrong way of thinking didn’t feel right.  We don’t just absorb information with our minds but with our hearts also, and it’s not just the words that matter.  It is the consciousness or energy behind something that informs us as well.

We have all felt how the energy behind a communication can be felt when we walk into a room where two people just had an argument and the tension hangs thick in the air.  It is the same for the underlying intention or emotion behind a communication – even an article in a magazine.

I remember watching a you-tube video with Sister Shivani of the Brama Kumaris.  She was talking about creating peaceful relationships and how soHeart EMF field 1 much of it has to do with the thoughts or the energy behind our communications.  She gave the example of a husband and wife: if the husband asks “do you want to go to the baseball game this weekend?” and the wife replies “yes” – it is the thoughts and energy behind the yes that makes the difference.  Is she saying “yes” inwardly thinking how much she enjoys watching the sport?  Is she saying “yes” inwardly indifferent to baseball but feeling genuinely happy to spend time with her husband doing something he enjoys?  Or is she saying “yes” on the outside while inwardly feeling resentment and anger that she always has to do what he wants to do and why can’t they go to a museum for once!  The words of the conversation are the same, but the result of the exchange is vastly different.

This was my experience as I read the article.  The words were not offensive but the energy of it didn’t sit well with me. I was reading it as a whole person and while my brain was gaining some interesting information, my heart felt constricted and uncomfortable.  I was reading this story about “I realized Islam was wrong and that Mohammed did this and that which wasn’t right and Jesus is the Son of God and Christianity is right…”  There was a dissonance with the energy of the story and the energy of my whole self because what I was reading didn’t feel like the Truth of God that I know in my heart – the total Oneness and Love that is at the core of ALL paths to God.

I realized that it’s not just about being a well-educated and articulate apologist – because it’s not JUST the information in something, it’s also about the energy behind it.  No matter how well you have studied other religions to compare it to your own, as long as you are telling others that you are right and they are going to hell if they do not agree with you – it’s still in essence the same thing as fanaticism.  Yes – I do appreciate the politeness and it is infinitely preferable to the other end of the spectrum that resorts to violence in the name of God, but it’s still part of the same right/wrong thinking.

So, my conclusion from this experiment with intelligent Christian apologetics is that I prefer to learn things about Islam or any other religion in a more accepting consciousness.  If I read an article about the central truths found in Islam and how there is some controversy about certain things that Mohammed did – I would get the same information without the wrong-making mentality.  So, even if Ravi Zacharias is very intelligent, and even though I am sure he loves Jesus as much as I do – I just don’t agree with the right/wrong energy he is creating around God and religion.  What the world needs is not more intelligent arguments, but more Unity Consciousness.

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    • Thank you, Lord Flea! And I am aware also that I do not want to make Ravi Zacharias wrong simply for disagreeing with the right/wrong thinking that doesn’t feel right to me. Hmmmm… how does one disagree with something without also engaging in right/wrong? how do I share what I feel isn’t helpful to Unity Consciousness while still including the unhelpful parts in the unity?? That is a good question.

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