I Am an Everything & God is not a Christian

All ReligionsI have had people ask me “are you a Christian?” or “are you a yogi?” or “you’re a Hindu aren’t you?” It almost strikes me as a strange question. It was the same when I went to my first meeting with my new Interfaith Women’s group. We have two Muslims, one Jew, one Buddhist, one Hindu, a Native American and a smattering of various Christians – but what am I? I guess you could say that I am actually an interfaith woman. So, if asked, I usually answer “I am an Everything.”

The bottom line is that I just love God! I love God so much I couldn’t contain it to just one WAY of loving God. I want to chant like a Swami, I want to meditate like Buddha, I want to pray like Jesus, I want to melt into Mother Nature like the Native Americans, I want to teach like a Rabbi, I want to dance like a Sufi, I want to shout out God Allah Lord Jesus Christ Shiva Shiva Om! I want to praise God in every way humanly possible. I love God in all religions and I see God loving us through all religions.

God’s love is so immense – to think that God would constrain Herself to only love us through one savior at one point in time at one location on the planet… or that She even COULD! It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I was recently reading a speech by Archbishop Desmond Tutu called “God is not a Christian.”

“We should in humility and joyfulness acknowledge that the supernatural and divine reality we all worship in some form or other transcends all our particular categories of thought and imagining, and that because the Divine is infinite and we are forever finite, we shall never comprehend the divine completely. So we should seek to share all insights we can and be ready to learn from the techniques of the spiritual life that are available in religions other than our own… That what we call the Spirit of God is not a Christian preserve, for the Spirit of God existed long before there were Christians, inspiring and nurturing women and men in the ways of holiness, bringing them to fruition, bringing to fruition what was best in all.”

All religions tell us that God is eternal – God was certainly there in paleo times, in Jurassic times, from the very beginnings of the universe with the big bang to the birth of humankind – God was there. Of course God was loving us all along the way in every civilization and every culture – inspiring and nurturing us in the ways of holiness.

Think of a soul who lived on planet Earth in the year 30 B.C. and after he dies he comes to find out – too bad, if only you had been born a decade or two later you might have had a chance for heaven, but alas, eternal damnation for you. Or to think of a rainforest tribes woman who lives with a heart full of love and reverence and then dies and finds out, too bad those missionaries didn’t reach you in time, off to hell you go. I cannot imagine a God who would create such scenarios.

I love the way Bishop John Shelby Spong puts it in this interview:

“Every church I know claims that we are the true church and they have some ultimate authority… The idea that the truth of God can be bound in any human system, by any human creed, by any human book is almost beyond imagination for me. God is not a Christian, God is not a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Buddhist. All of those are human system which human beings have created to try to help us walk into the mystery of God. I honor my tradition, I walk through my tradition, but I don’t believe my tradition defines God, I think it only points me to God.”

▶ Bishop Spong Interview – YouTube. The quote is after the first part about heaven and hell.

That is one of the keys, isn’t it? Having the humility to realize that God cannot be contained by anything we could create – no religion, no book, no church. Isn’t that obvious?

So, I honor all paths, all religions – including all the individual ways of connecting with God and living here as a soul that anyone can come up with. And I honor all those who choose to follow ONE path – I have no interest in starting a religion that believes you have to embrace all religions. A person can just simply be a Muslim or a Christian and take that path all the way to God. Sister Margaret Ann, my catholic nun friend, is not interested in anyone else but Jesus and she has the purest dedication to follow him and that is enough. There are plenty of people who say they honor all religions but do not behave as if they honor any at all. It is sincerity and humility on whatever path you choose that makes all the difference. Bishop Spong need not say a single Sanskrit chant to know God.

9 thoughts on “I Am an Everything & God is not a Christian

  1. Wow! Beautiful! Om Shanti Om! So does that mean that choosing a religion or church is like choosing a car? If you want to go really fast to God, pick a sports car path, or if ya have a lot of stuff, get a truck to haul it all? Or is it beyond all that??

    • Like with many either/or questions my answer is Yes. Yes, it IS beyond all that and Yes, it is like choosing a car… And just like with a car you can choose a sporty one, a van, a 4-wheeler etc and within each make and model you can choose to get a blue one, a red one or a white one OR you can custom paint it with flowers or a sunset or an advertisement for butter (there is a car in town that advertises butter!). And once you have your make and model and color you can further customize it by putting altar objects on your dash… Fun aside: truck drivers in India deck out their trucks with all kinds of glitter and beads and Hindi deities! So, truck drivers in India are also macho, like many truck drivers in the US, but the definition of macho is different in different cultures. I once went with a friend to many truck driver supply stores in India on a mission to find a glitter gear shift ball.

      • Oh – and just like choosing a car – getting a sporty one doesn’t mean you will get to God faster than if you choose a van… it all depends on if you stay going in the right direction. :)

  2. Congratulations! Shanti, what a beautiful first post, you’re off to a great start. And I couldn’t agree more. The world will be a better place and people’s minds will open and relax more with your sharing your experiences here with us. Best wishes and let’s keep sharing our WordPress blogging methods. Om shanti shanti shanti ummmm

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